About Modostore.com

Modostore’s primary purpose is to create an environment where designers and architects who need the latest high-quality 3D assets, as well as Modostore can collaborate in a way that offers benefits for all.

 We aim to present you with a huge selection of 3D assets of various types: interior and architectural objects, transportation, plants/trees, and much more.

 All our 3D assets are created by professional designers and architects using the advanced features of the MODO program.

What is Modostore?

Modostore is a ground for designers, architects, and other creative people who need to save time and find high-quality, state-of-the-art digital assets at affordable prices.
Modostore is:
  • A huge collection of 3D assets , all available for purchase
  • A place where designers and architects can save time on finding the digital assets they need to bring their ideas to life

Buying a assets is simple!

  • Choose the category of 3D assets you are looking for
  • Check any asset you need. You can immediately see all the details of the file. Select a assets to place it in your shopping cart
  • Enter your credit card information to buy the 3D assets
  • Use your new 3D assets to bring your ideas to life

How was Modostore created?

 Modostore was established by the Mymodo community of 3D designers, which was originally set up in 2010 as a training site for MODO users. The founders of the site have more than seven years of experience in 3D design and architecture, so they are well aware of the designers’ and architects’ needs.

Our company

 Modostore Ltd. is a registered entity in Russia (Primary State Registration Number 1115476016644)
Address: 5-18, Prospekt Dzerzhinskogo, Novosibirsk, 630015 Russia