See our FAQ on this topic below. To read the full text of our legal document, please refer to our License Agreement.

— I have found the 3D asset I need. What are the restrictions on its use?
Our goal is to make sure you can get the maximum possible use from any 3D asset you buy, while protecting the copyright of the person who created the 3D asset  as well as the rights of those who will buy the 3D asset in the future. Thus, you may not purchase a 3D asset and then transfer its use to a third party. The 3D asset you have purchased should be incorporated into your final product in such a way that no end user would be able to access the 3D asset itself and use it. 
— If I create a final product that includes a from Modostore, do I have to pay you royalties every time it is distributed? 
No, you pay a one-time royalty when you purchase your 3D asset . Once you have paid for it, you have the perpetual right to use that product free of charge. However, there are some limitations on using the product you have purchased. You may not transfer the use of any  3D asset to a third party or publish it in any format that is usable by any 3D application. Please see the our License Agreement for more information. 
  — Can I use a  3D asset I have purchased from Modostore to create images for books, posters, t-shirts, or other retail products?
 Yes. The rendered image in these cases does not constitute redistribution of the 3D asset and is not prohibited. Public display and performance rights are a standard part of the default License Agreement between vendors and rights purchasers.
 — I want to buy a 3D asset  from Modostore and turn it into a physical object to be sold elsewhere. Is this allowed?
Yes, this is permissible under the License Agreement.
— I want to buy a 3D asset from Modostore and turn it into an object that can be sold in a virtual world like Second Life. Is this allowed?
As a designer you are permitted to use the 3D asset as an object in a virtual world. But users of the virtual world may not buy or resell the Modostore product within that world.
— Am I allowed to alter a 3D asset I bought from Modostore?
Of course you may make changes (add textures or details, etc.), but this does not mean that you have the right to sell the 3D asset as your own product.
— I need a very specific 3D asset. Can you make it for me?
Of course. We offer professional 3D services and are able to make 3D assets according to your specifications.

— I bought one 3D asset and want to use it as the basis for creating a new 3D asset. Would I then be allowed to sell the new 3D asset?
Of course you may use the 3D asset you have purchased as a template. But you may not sell the new 3D asset, because it would be a derivation of the 3D asset you purchased from Modostore.
— Do you have a money-back guarantee?
If any product you purchase at Modostore.com does not match the rendering or the product description on the website, and we are unable to resolve the problem, we will cancel your purchase and refund your money, provided you notify us within 24 hours.